Enterprise Week


The week commencing 30th March is Enterprise Week at Campus in the City. Yesterday (Monday 30th), we welcomed the Lancaster and District Chamber of Commerce and some of their partners for the ‘Chamber on Tour’ event, which offered support and advice to local businesses.

We are joined today by Sharon Jackson from Path 42, who will be offering advice on freelancing for the fearful, as well as help on web design withoiut a web designer and introducing her colleague Kerstin Hemmes who will be offering suggestions on ‘Writing for Humans’.

Continuing the freelancing theme, the Creative Action Network (a group for students who are looking to set up their own creative practices in art, film, theatre or writing) will be meeting from 6pm this evening for a networking event.

Wednesday is very much a family affair, as we welcome the Centre for Family Businesses from the Lancaster University Management School,

Finally, on Saturday, we will be offering a session on ‘Brilliant Business Ideas’ with Joseph Benn. Joseph’s book, of the same name, reached the Amazon top 10 for books on Entrepreneurship. If you have an idea but don’t know how to make it work for you, or have the skills but need an idea (and fast), this event is for you.

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