Streets of Mourning

On Friday 17th and Saturday 18th April, we will be welcoming back the ‘Streets of Mourning’ team from the History department at Lancaster University.

Over the two days, Dr Ian Gregory will be demonstrating an interactive map which shows what happened to the occupants of Lancaster houses who went off to fight in World War I. If your house was standing in 1914, come along and find out who lived in your house and how they fared in Ypres or the Somme.

Dr Corinna Peniston-Bird will also be showcasing her work with local schools on the war and propaganda, and hosting the Mayor, our local veterans representatives and members of the Lancashire Archives and Museums Service at a reception on Friday 17th.

We will also be joined by a real-life Tommy with his real-life rifle! Please come on down and take part.

2 thoughts on “Streets of Mourning

  1. This is one event I’d love to attend, unfortunately I’m working, I hope CITC will host it again next year with the same event


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