As part of Campus in the City this year, we will be hosting a series of ticketed evening events designed to give everyone a chance to discuss political and cultural topics of the day with experts in those fields.

Please take a look at some of our upcoming events.

Thursday 17th March, 6pm-8pm: How do you solve a problem like ISIS?

Join a roundtable discussion with Dr Simon Mabon and a panel from the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion on the origins and development of Islamic State and what can be done. Reserve tickets through Eventbrite

Friday 25th March, 2pm-5.30pm: Economics for Everyone: State vs Household

Join Professor Chris May for the first of three sessions looking at some of the major economic debates in the UK today. In this session, Chris will be looking at why the state’s finances are so often compared to those of our households, and why this comparison can become rather dangerous… Reserve your ticket through Eventbrite. Other events in the series take place on Friday 1st April and Friday 15th April.

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