Welcome to Week 1

We’ll be back from tomorrow with our first full week of events.

Did you know that one in four people will suffer from a mental health problem at some point in their life? Out team of six students from the Lancaster Institute for Contemportary Arts will be joining us on Tuesday 15th March to encourage everyone to speak out, share their experiences, seek support and create a piece of collaborative art. Come along and join us for a coffee and find out more on Facebook

Our anatomists from the Lancaster Medical School will be back on Wednesday 16th March to take us on their interactive 3D tour of the human body. So if you missed us on Saturday, or want to take another look, do call in.

skull wearing 3D glasses
Model skull models some 3D glasses

On Thursday 17th March, we’ll be taking a look at the children at the centre of the witch hunts which took place in Lancashire in the 1600s and which continue to take place now in some areas of Africa. Featuring talks by experts from the Departments of History and English and Creative Writing and from Lancaster Castle

Also on Thursday, from 6pm-8pm, we’ll be hosting a roundtable discussion with our panel of experts from the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion on the origins and development of ISIS. Reserve your FREE ticket here

Friday 18th March will see us looking at an app which is all about Lancaster. Come in and tell us what you think and what you’d like us to add. Campus in the City is already on it!

Finally, on Saturday 19th March, we will be finding out more about the oldest Institute for Peace Studies in the UK, which is based here at Lancaster University. Join us as we look at the amazing work the Richardson Institute do in the UK and across the world to promote peace and deal with conflict.

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