What’s On in Week 2

As we near the end of what has been a fantastic first week, with over 1,200 visitors so far, we are looking forward to a new round of events in the run-up to Easter.

On Tuesday and Wedenesday, our psychologists will be joining us for two days of experimentation and optical illusions. Come on in and act as one of our Guinea pigs or find out why you can’t always believe your eyes.

We’ll be celebrating all things Harry Potter from 12pm to 5pm on Thursday, with a day of Hogwarts-themed activities hosted by Pottersoc, the university’s very own Harry Potter society.

On Friday afternoon, we will be turning our attention to the state of the economy, so if  this week’s Budget has left you baffled, this is the event for you, as Professor Chris May explains all.

Easter Saturday will see us taking a look back at the history and development of St Nics, from square to shopping centre. Are you in any of our photos? Come on down and see…

As usual, Campus in the City events are free to attend and open to everyone. We hope to see you here…


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