We’re Heading into Week 6

At the close of our fantastic anatomy event, we found ourselves officially at the halfway point of the project, and it has been brilliant so far! And as we move into the second half, things aren’t letting up!

On Tuesday 19th April, we will be joined by Callum Berridge a former Theatre Studies student who now works with the Dukes. Callum is collecting stories, both good and bad, about the flooding and power cuts that hit Lancaster at the end of 2015. Why not call in, have a coffee and tell us your story?

Callum will be using the stories he collects to create an ‘instant’ theatre piece, which he will be performing on the evening of Thursday 21st.

On Wednesday, we will be hosting two quite different events. A student group looking at the future of the arts and cultural activity in the local area will be joining us in the day, and the Kickboxing Society will be in during the evening to offer an initial lesson. Come on down and have a go!

Things will be getting tribal on Friday and Saturday as we ask what your smartphone says about you with psychologist David Ellis. Call in, represent your side and find out what the other half think with our word clouds…

Friday night is fright night as we take part in the Oculus Rift Horror Challenge with the Gaming and Esports Society. Can you surivive the haunted house, zombie hospital or abandoned fair? (This event is for over 16s only)

We look forward to seeing you!



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