We’re in Week 9!

And a very busy week it’s shaping up to be…

We will be beginning the week by participating in the national Dying Matters Awareness Week with a team from the Medical School’s Observatory for End of Life Care. On Tuesday 10th May, we will be talking planning, superhero care teams, bucket lists and more. We’ll also be taking part in the ‘Dead Good Read’ book club in the evening.

On Wednesday, we will be looking at growing our own and sustainable living with the team from Green Lancaster. Green Lancaster is a Students’ Union project which aims to help everyone living on campus be more environmentally friendly, whether it’s through recycling or growing your own. Come on down and give gardening a chance! In the evening, we will be welcoming a team of student fundraisers from the charity Dogs for Good. Assistance dogs change lives – come and find out how!

Thursday sees us learning more about active and healthy communities with a team from the NHS. Take a walk through our min street or have a go on our giant health choices snakes and ladders game! There’s also a chance to win on the Big Cake Lottery. We will also be finding out more about the postcards (described as the Twitter of their day)sent by holidaymakers from the Edwardian era at our evening talk and mini exhibition

On Friday, we will be welcoming  Sex and Bugs, the big bug roadshows that has previously been seen at the Glastonbury Festival. Can you guess that poo? and moAnd in the evening, we will be looking at the act of translation with a group of students from the Department of Euopean Languages and the Institute for Social Futures.

Finally, on Saturday,  we will be looking at how the deaths of over 1000 Lancaster men men in 1916 affected life for those who were left here. With walking tours, community memories and more…



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