Lancaster, 1916

We had a fantastic day with the team from History as we took a look at life in Lancaster in 1916.

We collected some wonderful (and sometimes very moving) stories of how the war impacted on local people and families and took another look at the fascinating Streets of Mourning website, which shows the war dead by street and family.

We were also very pleased to welcome a delegation of Year 6 children from Moorside Primary School, the new Mayor and Mayoress of Lancaster and a World War I soldier. All in all, a very busy day…

2 thoughts on “Lancaster, 1916

  1. The work from the Moorside pupils was most impressive. The students had clearly enjoyed learning about events during World War 1. Those who were present represented their school well and spoke articulately to the Mayor and Mayoress.
    The university reps were enthusiastic about their app and website and it was fascinating to find out about those Lancastrians who were involved in the First World War conflict and where they had resided in Lancaster.
    A great exhibition showcasing the talents of both primary and university students. Thank you to all involved.


    1. Hi Michdlle. Thank you for your feedback on the event. I’m really glad you enjoyed it and found it interesting. I’ve forwarded your comments to the History Department and asked them to pass them on to Moorside and everyone else involved. Thanks again. Lindsey (Campus in the City)


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